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Safety, health & environment management
Environmental Safety Manager
Environmental Safety Team
Environmental Field
  • Atmospheric Environment Management
  • Water Quality Environment Management
  • Hazardous Chemical Substance Management
  • Waste Management
  • Soil Contamination Management
  • ISO14001 Management
Safety Field
  • Safety Management
  • Health Management
  • Safety and Health Committee
  • On-site Patrol
  • ISO 45001 Management
Planning Field
  • Serious Disaster Punishment Act
  • Establishment of Environmental, Health, and Safety Management Strategies
  • Environmental, Health, and Safety Compliance Inspection and Diagnosis
  • Establishment and Revision of Environmental, Health, and Safety Policies
Environmental safety goals
Health, Safety and Environment Policy

EcoPro Materials operates its business based on the principle of "Environmental, Safety, and Health as the top priority" as its management philosophy. We prioritize environmental protection and the safety and health of our workers in all aspects of our business activities, and strive to establish an eco-friendly and safe workplace, aiming to become a leading company trusted both domestically and internationally. We will implement the following Environmental, Safety, and Health Management Policy to fulfill our commitment.

  • We will systematically establish and continuously improve our environmental, safety, and health management system to enhance our management performance.
  • We will actively prevent pollution and protect the environment through reducing the amount of pollutants discharged, improving treatment efficiency, and promoting resource recycling activities.
  • We will provide safe and healthy working conditions by preventing injuries and illnesses, and actively communicate with our employees.
  • We will establish internal management standards to comply with environmental and safety regulations and faithfully implement them.
  • We will publicly disclose our compliance and implementation activities to stakeholders, and achieve a transparent environmental, safety, and health management system.

Our employees at EcoPro Materials will strive continuously to create an eco-friendly and safe workplace by fully understanding and actively implementing the management policy.

Kim Byong-Hun, CEO of Ecopro Materials