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In 2017, EcoPro Materials was established to specialize in producing precursor materials for high-performance nickel-based anode materials for secondary batteries.

As the first in the domestic market, we possess the largest production capacity for high-capacity nickel-based anode precursor materials. Since 2021, we have also been refining and producing nickel and cobalt metals, which are raw materials for precursor materials, firmly establishing ourselves as a specialized company in secondary battery materials.
Although most of the secondary battery materials and raw materials supply chains are dependent on China, the need for diversification away from China has become increasingly important. In this situation, our company plays a vital role in enhancing the competitiveness of the domestic secondary battery ecosystem. EcoPro Materials has an annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of precursor materials in the Pohang Campus and plans to continuously invest in expanding the production capacity to 200,000 tons annually by 2026.

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Company Status

    Company Name

    Materials Co.

    Founding Year

    April, 2017


    Kim Byong-hun

    Employee Status

    481 people

    As of March 2023

    665.2 billion

    2022 Annual Consolidated Report
    Coporate Asset

    634.9 billion

    2022 Annual Consolidated Report

Business Area

  • Precursor

    The precursor is an intermediate product prior to the synthesis of cathode materials, and is an important material that determines the performance, price, and quality of cathode materials. ECOPRO Materials stably provides its best performing products with Korea’s only batch production line for precursors and cathode materials.