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About R&D Center

The electrode material, or "cathode," is a critical component of lithium-ion batteries, as its performance plays a significant role in determining the battery's overall performance. The characteristics of the cathode, including its energy density, charge/discharge efficiency, and lifespan, all impact the battery's performance. Therefore, developing high-performance cathode materials is essential for improving the performance of lithium-ion batteries. EcoPro Materials is dedicated to the development of cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries and utilizes cutting-edge materials science and computer modeling technologies to create materials with higher performance.

Overview of R&D Fields

Development of electrode material synthesis technology

Development of composite oxide precursor synthesis technology capable of meeting various customer needs such as control of particle size, shape, density, sphericity, and particle size distribution of the precursor for high-performance cathode materials.

Development of high stability Core-Shell technology

Development of Core-Shell particles with excellent lifespan and stability.

Development of Mass Production Technology

Possessing mass production process technology through technology development using pilot equipment that is equivalent to mass production scale.

Development of Raw Material Processing Technology

Development of technology for separating/refining non-ferrous metals contained in raw materials, including nickel and cobalt, which are the main materials of secondary batteries, to use various materials and ensure cost competitiveness

Development of Sulfation Process Technology

Development of impurity removal technology for leaching/iron removal/solvent extraction processes, and process efficiency improvement through wastewater treatment technology development