Battery Materials Business



A specialized company that focuses on the synthesis technology of electrode materials for high-nickel-based cathode materials.

Our strengths

Production experience and technical expertise.

  • NCA precursor with Ni content of over 80% was domestically produced for the first time in 2006
  • NCM811 precursor for EVs was domestically produced for the first time in 2016
  • The company possesses CSG (core-shell gradient) precursor synthesis technology.

Cost competitiveness

  • Expected cost reduction through RMP and value chain of precursor materials for cathode
  • Securing cost competitiveness through various raw material supply (MCP*, MHP*)
  • Increasing production efficiency for higher production volume and cost competitiveness

* MCP : Metal Composite Precipitate, * MHP : Mixed Hydroxide Precipitate

Closed loop Battery ECO System

  • Synergy maximization through strategic global partnerships
  • Efficient precursor business management through verified technology/know-how
  • Collaboration in the recycling of precursor materials and waste batteries

Optimized Operations

  • Establishment of a flexible production system that can adapt to various raw materials
  • Process technology know-how through experience in evaluating and using various raw materials.